About Me

I'm Jaime Cevallos.  I authored three books on the mechanics of the baseball swing. 

Growing up, it was my dream to play professional baseball.  The only problem was I couldn't hit.  I sought help from books and coaches, but nothing helped.  Then one day in college, while tinkering with my swing mechanics, I stumbled upon a change that actually worked, and in a single instant, I went from the worst hitter on my team to the best.  I didn't realize improvement could happen like that - so quickly and so drastically.

Now my mission is to show hitters, and all athletes for that matter, that there are small, simple changes that can instantly give you more power and consistency.  In fact, the best changes you'll ever make to your swing will be the ones that work immediately.  

The truth is, anyone can be a power hitter.  You just have to understand the right feeling through the swing.  Let me show you the simple change you can make to your swing right now that will make all the difference.  

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