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The haymaker punch has been neglected in MMA and boxing instruction for far too long.  In this book, I show boxers, MMA fighters, or even regular people looking to improve their self defense, why the haymaker is such a valuable movement for ending a fight quickly, and how to train to be able to call on it when you need it.

I see my job as a movement coach to point a spotlight on the movements that have been taught incorrectly or just plain neglected.  Many will say, just as they did when I started in baseball, that I don't have the necessary experience to have opinions about a movement in MMA.  But I know an opportunity when I see one.  And right now, there is an opportunity for any MMA fighter who is willing to practice the haymaker. 

In The Haymaker, I will walk you through my personal journey in becoming a movement coach, why the haymaker has been neglected, why it is the most valuable movement in MMA, and how you can incorporate it into your training to start ending fights more quickly and decisively.