The Front Arm Dominant (FAD) Training Bat

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FAD Training Bat - Strengthen the Front Arm and Silence the Back (for ages 8+)

The stronger and more flexible your front arm, the better your hitting will be.  The secret to the baseball swing has been figured out and it's this:  All the greatest hitters were and are front arm dominant.  The FAD Training Bat is designed to make you front arm dominant too and is the bat that is recommended in the "Secret Drill" section of the Front Arm Dominant eBook.  It's specifically designed to be swung with just your front arm, not either arm like most training bats.  When you hone a front arm dominant swing, your mechanics will be optimized for power and consistency.  The best baseball training bat is one that allows you to feel what the great hitters feel through the swing, and that's what the FAD Training Bat gives you.  


  • The Fungo Barrel makes it the right size and shape to maintain FAD mechanics and strengthen just the right muscles.  Other training bats have regular game-bat barrel sizes.  
  • The Grit Handle lets you swing hard and focus on your practice, without fear of losing your grip.  The FAD Training Bat is the only one arm training bat with a grit handle.  
  • The 26.5 Inches Length gives you a realistic, game speed on your swings.  Other training bats are often too short and feel more like you're swinging a hammer, and easier to slip into BAD (back arm dominant) mechanics.


  • The Swing Mechanic VIP Status - Get Free Training Videos for 1 Year automatically sent to your email inbox.  The videos will address any issues that you and other VIP members may be having while training your swing.  Just shoot me an email at and let me know what you would like to see me address in a future video.


My name is Jaime Cevallos.  I'm the creator of the Front Arm Dominant swing approach, as explained in my book Swing Cheat Code Baseball Edition.  The Front Arm Dominant swing is changing the way the swing is taught at all levels of baseball.  The true secret to the swing has been figured out, and it's to make your front arm the dominant arm in the swing.  Try for yourself and see.

Specs: 26.5 inches long, 18 ounces 

The FAD Trainer is manufactured in the United States.

The The Front Arm Dominant (FAD) Training Bat is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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