The Swing Mechanic's Baseball Training Bat

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How Does the Training bat Work?

The Swing Mechanic's method is based on the mechanical change that brings us closer to what our baseball forefathers did so well to hit with such high levels of power and consistency.  This training bat is designed to be used while doing the front arm progression, the main drill described in the eBook as being capable of transferring the feeling of a great swing faster than any drill up to this point.  After years of just using any small wooden bat I could find at thrift stores and garage sales, I have learned exactly what size, weight, and shape works best for performing the front arm progression.  


  • The Fungo Barrel makes it the right size and shape to hone a front arm dominant swing structure.  Other training bats have regular game-bat barrel which can often be too big.  
  • The Grit Handle lets you swing hard and focus on your practice without losing your grip.  
  • The 26.5 Inches Length gives you a realistic, game speed on your swings.  Other training bats are often too short and feel more like you're swinging a hammer.
  • Maple Wood - I always prefer to practice with wood and not metal because it adds just a little more weight which encourages a more front arm dominant/body controlled swing structure.  Often the small metal bats are just too light, and the barrel too big, for my liking.

Specs: 26.5 inches long, 20-23 ounces (good for little league and above) or 23-27 ounces (adults)