Swing Cheat Code Baseball Edition - The Secret to Baseball Swing Mechanics for Children and Adults Alike

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One Simple Solution

Swing Cheat Code is the only book to reveal the one simple change to your swing mechanics to quickly start hitting for a higher batting average and more home runs.

Swing Cheat Code 2 Baseball Edition was written with the specific goal of being the best baseball swing instruction book ever written, and will have you hitting with more power and consistency than ever before.  For more than 20 years, Jaime Cevallos has studied baseball swing mechanics and worked with some of the best hitters in the world.  Here he is in 2001, in the early days of his journey to figure out the baseball swing.  In 2010 he started working with major league baseball on their swing mechanics with unprecedented results

The three step drill that Jaime lays out is in a very simple to understand language that will allow you to quickly create the best baseball swing of your life. 

Let's face it, instruction is just plain confusing out there.  You'll wrap yourself in a pretzel trying all the swing theories by the latest swing guru.  At a time when more and more hitters are regressing because they're continuously jumping on the new online tip-of-the-week, Swing Cheat Code 2 Baseball Edition shows you how one simple drill can immediately turn you into a consistent power hitter.  Get a copy for your hitting partner as well, to hold yourselves accountable and keep you both focused and on track until you reach your full hitting potential.  If you buy one Swing Cheat Code book, you can add another to your cart (golf or baseball edition) at 30% off.  Discount will be applied automatically.

"Cevallos told Zobrist he could turn him into a power hitter and the results have been remarkable."  - ESPN The Magazine

Ted Williams once remarked, “Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports”…Jaime Cevallos has made it his life’s mission to conquer the unconquerable.”  - Fort Worth Star Telegram

“Jaime has figured out how to improve some important numbers.”  - Timothy Ferriss, NYT Best Selling Author

"Cevallos' new book is brilliant, simple as that. I'd argue it's the best book on hitting ever written.  It reminds me of the Pablo Picasso drawing-on-a- napkin story. Like Picasso, Cevallos makes the complicated simple."  - Martin, Little League Father from Ohio