P4P Method Baseball Swing Consultation

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Book a consult then send me your swing

Follow these steps:

-purchase a consultation

-send your swings to jaime@theswingmechanic.com - 1) a regular swing off a tee, 2) doing the front arm progression you see here, 3) game footage swings (optional), and 4) explain on video and in writing what you've worked on in the past and any other pertinent information (optional).  

(Record from the front angle - the direction of the opposite batters box.)

I will send you back my analysis, and what adjustments you can make to your practice routine to feel a more powerful and consistent swing.


The P4P Difference

It's time for a change in baseball swing instruction.  For too long, lessons have been making hitters worse.  Yes, worse.  I said it.  Why does this happen and how could this be?  Put simply, it's because they didn't start off with the right models. 

Most hitting gurus' methods are obtained by looking at pretty much any professional hitter and using them as examples.  The pound for pound hitting method that I teach was derived by studying the very best pound for pound hitters and finding the distinguishing patterns among them.  By making this distinction, you arrive at a very particular way of swinging that produces extremely high levels of power and consistency.

How do you find the best pound for pound hitters?  Use this simple equation:

(Career OPS+) / (Playing Weight)

Good is in the .600s, great is in the .700s, elite is in the .800s, and top .001% is in the .900s.

This pound for pound equation is the best way to find the hitters with the very best swing mechanics in MLB history.  What are the guys in the .700s doing differently from those in the .600s?  What are those in the .800s doing differently from those in the .700s?  And what are the elite of the elite, the guys in the .900s, doing differently from those in the .800s.  If you do this, you will see a movement pattern that becomes more prevalent the higher their score.

This is how the pound for pound method is different from any other method.  It has to do with picking the right models from the start.


What you will achieve by purchasing this consultation...

The goal is to get you to understand a powerful and consistent swing with a single mechanical cue, and not have multiple swing thoughts running through your mind in the second it takes to swing a bat.  After this consultation, you will conduct your practices with purpose and efficiency.

This may be the only lesson you need.  It may put you on the right path and you may never need another swing coach again.  That's the goal.  But if you do, you know where I am.