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How Do the Training bat and eBook Work?

The Swing Mechanic eBook is based on going back to what worked so well for our baseball forefathers - guys like Babe Ruth, Rogers Hornby, Jimmy Foxx, Ted Williams.  These guys hit with both power and consistency on a level we just don't see today.  The eBook explains what may have happened in baseball swing instruction the moment the swing started being taught in the 1970s, to make hitters less prone to produce the levels of power and consistency than the hitters from the early 1900s - and also how we can correct course and not just get back on track, but create a better swing and a new understanding of how to approach the art of hitting.

In the book I talk about the front arm progression drill, and how it's the only drill you really need to feel a great swing.  The Swing Mechanic Training Bat is designed to be used with that progression.