The Front Arm Dominant (FAD) Training Bat

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FAD Training Bat -Strengthen the Front Arm and Silence the Back

The stronger and more flexible your front arm, the better your hitting will be.  The secret to the baseball swing has been figured out.  All the greatest hitters had one thing in common - they were all front arm dominant.  The FAD Training Bat is 26.5 inches long and designed to be swung with just your front arm.  Added grip is added to the handle so you can swing with all your might and not worry about letting go.  It will stretch and strengthen the muscles that all the greatest hitters in baseball used to swing the bat.  It will hone a front arm dominant swing, and by doing so your mechanics will be optimized for power and consistency. 

Check out this video to understand better how the FAD Training Bat works.

The best baseball training bat is one that allows you to feel the one thing that the great hitters feel through the swing that sets them apart, and that's what the FAD Training Bat gives you.  By swinging with only your front arm, you will build the strength and flexibility in the muscles that are the primary controllers in a great swing.  You will teach your swing to be front arm dominant.  All the best hitters, the guys who hit with optimal power and consistency, felt the exact same thing through the swing, and that's their front arm dominating the movement.  Get the Front Arm Dominant (FAD) Training Bat today and start to improve your hitting faster than you ever have. 

My name is Jaime Cevallos.  I'm the creator of the Front Arm Dominant swing method, as explained in my book Swing Cheat Code Baseball Edition.  The Front Arm Dominant swing methodology is changing the way the swing is taught at all levels of baseball.  The true secret to the swing has been figured out, and it's to make your front arm the dominant arm in the swing.  Try for yourself and see.

Specs: 26.5 inches long, 24 ounces - the perfect weight for front arm drills.  This bat works for little leaguers and up.  Most one arm training bats are designed to swing with the back arm and the front arm.  The FAD Training Bat is designed to swing with a straight front arm only, exactly the feeling that the greatest hitters felt.  As the muscles in your front arm, shoulder and upper back get more work, you will be able to transfer the power in your swing from your back arm to your front arm, and this will cause the bat to move through the zone with much more power and consistency.

The Swing Mechanic has teamed up with JDivino_Bats to bring the absolute best in quality and crafstmanship to the FAD Training Bat.  JDivino Bats is located in the United States of America.

"Our goal with the FAD Training Bat was to make a bat that made you want to practice.  Not just the feel of it but the look too.  Just seeing it leaning up against the wall in your bedroom is enough to make you want to run outside and hit off the tee."

-Javy Torres of JDivino Bats