The Front Arm Dominant (FAD) Training Bat

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If you want to immediately feel what the great hitters feel, start practicing hitting with only your front arm.  By doing so, you will build the muscles that are the primary controllers in a great swing.  All the great hitters, the guys who hit with power and consistency, felt the exact same thing through the swing, and that's the front arm dominating the movement.  Get the Front Arm Dominant

(FAD) Training Bat today and start improving faster than you ever have in your life. 

My name is Jaime Cevallos.  I'm the creator of the Front Arm Dominant swing.  The Front Arm Dominant swing methodology is changing the way the swing is taught at all levels of baseball.  The true secret to the swing has been figured out, and it's to make your front arm the dominant arm in the swing.  Try for yourself and see.

Specs: 26.5 inches long and the perfect weight for front arm drills.  This bat works for any age.  Most one arm trainers are much bigger than this, and they are too heavy.  When the bat is heavy, you risk using your front arm in the wrong way (ie. bending the elbow and throwing the hands), and you also risk injury.  There is no need to make the bat too heavy.  The point is to train the muscles slowly that are not used enough in your swing.  As the muscles in your front arm, shoulder and upper back get more work, you will be able to transfer the power in your swing from your back arm to your front arm, and this will cause the bat to move through the zone with much more power and consistency.