MP30 Training Bat (for adults)

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The MP30 Training Bat has been used by little leaguers all the way up to Major League Baseball players.  It has a thick handle, is made of heavier wood, and it promotes the slotting of the hands to start the forward swing.  Slotting is the movement where your hands drop to start the forward swing.  It is the most important distinguishing characteristic of great hitters. If you want to add more power and consistency to your swing, start training now with the MP30 Training Bat.


"The MP30 is a great on-deck and training bat." -Raul Ibanez, former MLB All Star

"I have had the problem in the past of failing to get into the slot position until late in the swing. The MP30 Training Bat helps me get into a powerful position early in my swing." Ben Zobrist, MLB All Star