MP28 Training Bat (for kids)

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The MP28 Training Bat is the kids version of the MP30.  If your child is in little league or below, this is the right bat for them.  

All of the plastic and light metal bats these days are doing nothing but harm to your child's swing because it promotes them using their wrists and arms as the primary power source.  The MP28 will retrain them to use the big muscles in their body - their legs and hips - to swing, and let the small muscles in their wrists and arms just go along for the ride.  Most importantly, the thicker handle and heavier wood

of the MP28 Training Bat promotes the slotting - or dropping of the hands - to start the forward swing.

The MP28 is a great bat for training and for use in the on-deck circle.  Get the MP28 Training Bat and start adding more power and consistency to your swing today!

NOTE: If you don't know whether to go with the MP30 or MP28, there is no need to worry.  The MP28 has been used by Major League Baseball players as a training bat.  So the MP28 will last as a training bat for your child's entire career.