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Front Arm Dominant (FAD) is the best ebook for training your baseball swing mechanics in the world today.   In FAD get more in-depth into the subjects that I touch on in Swing Cheat Code.  Swing Cheat Code is that physical copy that you can take with you to practice, read through quickly as a reminder, and give to your teammates to quickly give them the gift of a great swing.  Front Arm Dominant is the eBook that you can read on your own away from the field. 

FAD is the first chapter book that I've written since Positional Hitting in 2010.  Positional Hitting has had a huge influence on the baseball swing instruction industry and culture, and I expect FAD to have an even bigger influence.

In Front Arm Dominant, I get into detail about what it takes to become the next greatest hitter of all time.  You'll learn:

  • How the “New School” Hitting Coaches Are Teaching Swing Mechanics All Wrong
  • How To Structure Your Practice And Exercise Routines To Excel Your Hitting Performance
  • How To Train All Five Skills Of Hitting To Become Dominant
  • A Complete Understanding Of Swing Mechanics So You Can Monitor Your Swing And Stay On Top Of Your Game

It is my mission to be known as the greatest swing coach of all time.  Front Arm Dominant will take me a long way toward that goal.  This book will change the way hitters approach hitting at all levels of baseball.  Get a huge edge.  Be one of the first to know the true secrets to hitting.