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Positional Hitting is the first book that I wrote on the mechanics of the baseball swing.  As with any book, it's a raw expression of everything I knew at the time I wrote it, in 2010.  In the time since writing Positional Hitting, I have learned more than half of what I now know about the swing.  However, Positional Hitting has had a huge influence on the way the swing is taught today and remains a piece of baseball swing instruction history. 
For 7 years, from 2012 until 2019, Positional Hitting was taken out of print and was unavailable.  Due to popular demand, it's finally available again in Ebook format. 
For a more up-to-date theory of the baseball swing, check out Swing Cheat Code Baseball Edition  and Front Arm Dominant, two books I wrote in 2018, after I fully figured out the baseball swing, which was my lifelong goal. 
Now for an explanation of the content within Positional Hitting:

Positional Hitting 
The Modern Approach To Analyzing and Training Your Baseball Swing (2010).
  • How Jaime first discovered the positions in a great swing in college and went from a .488 OPS to .989 in one year and earned an athletic scholarship, just by changing his swing positions
  • How amateurs and professionals are achieving eye-popping results using the Positional Hitting method  
  • The hitting myths and misconceptions that are currently holding you back from hitting your best
  • How the positions you achieve through the swing directly correlate to your results on the field
  • How to analyze your swing on video using precise measurements
  • How to train your swing positions to achieve instant results

Positional Hitting was written in 2009 by Jaime "The Swing Mechanic" Cevallos.  Many considered it, at the time, the best baseball swing instruction book ever written.  Cevallos was the first to talk about slotting the bat, a more connected position at contact, the secondary cushion, and many other innovative concepts regarding the fundamentals of the baseball swing and hitting in general.  

The Positional Hitting eBook is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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