Podcast #10 What Is Bat Drag and Why Doesn't It Exist In a Front Arm Dominant Swing?

There are so many misconceptions out there when it comes to the baseball swing.  The most common one being that hitters think dragging their arms means dragging the bat.  Letting the front arm straighten and compress at the start of the forward swing is the single best thing you can do for your mechanics.  It's a movement that no other hitting coach on the planet advocates, and yet I say it's not only recommended, but it's the one thing that separates the greatest hitters, and you must do it if you want to hit with power and consistency.

Other topics that I discuss on this podcast are:

-the back arm and front arm dominant swings and how they are different and what they really mean.

-the first part of the forward swing is the real important part of the swing, not through contact

-the pvc drill and why it's a waist of time

-it's not ok that the front arm is bent at the start of the forward swing

-the it’s-all-relative argument in swing mechanics. 

-the myth of pulling off the baseball


I hope you like the podcast, please let me know if there are any additional topics you'd like to hear me rant about.  If you aren't familiar with my work yet, check out my latest books Front Arm Dominant and Swing Cheat Code.


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