TSM Podcast #5


In this podcast I talk about four topics. First, I talk about how almost all theories of the swing increase back arm dominance, and therefore make players worse.  Most hitters assume nothing could go wrong by going to a swing coach, but this is not true.  This is why it's best for most hitters to just stay away from any kind of swing instruction. I also talk about Charlie Lau's fifth law and how it has led to stiff, machine like swings and still influences swing instruction today. Next I talk about the five skills of hitting - hand eye coordination, swing mechanics, strength and speed, the mental approach, and pitch recognition and how to look at these sub skills so you can get the most out of them. Lastly, I talk about the importance of figuring out the swing on your own, instead of going to swing coaches. 

Save yourself twenty years of digging for the answer to the swing and read Swing Cheat Code.  It will take you five minutes to read.  Five minutes versus twenty years!  Easy decision :)

I'm on your side.  You have been fooled long enough.  It's time for a changing of the guard.  It's time for a swing revolution in baseball.

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