The Swing Mechanic Podcast #8 - Study Proves My Theories, Biggest Myths In Each Sub-Skill of Hitting

Above is the link that I reference at the beginning of the podcast. 

I start the podcast talking about a study that one of my readers brought to me attention.  It proves my theory that the bat bends forward prior to contact.  What they conclude however is that the added power by this bending is not significant enough to be concerned with.  But the reason why they say that is because they didn't compare this forward bending of the bat in average hitters to the greatest hitters.  All they analyzed were average hitters.  Therefore, their conclusion is off and missing the bigger picture.  

Forward bend is something I talk about at length in my book Front Arm Dominant and I also explain it in Swing Cheat Code.  Now, studies are starting to confirm what I said in both those books.  

The swing revolution is right around the corner.  Let's go on this ride together!  It's going to be fun!

My name is Jaime Cevallos.  I have worked with some of the best hitters in major league baseball.  I have written four books on the swing. My intent is to cause a revolution in baseball swing mechanics. 


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