The Swing Mechanic Podcast #6 - What All Sports Are Missing With Respect To Mechanics

Ever notice that within the instruction circles of every sport they downplay the importance of power?  Why is this?  When power is so obviously an integral part of performance in almost all sports.  It's because they haven't figured out the true keys to power, and instead of continuing to search, they instead choose to just downplay the importance of power altogether.  

This is so evident in baseball.  Since the very beginning of instructing the swing, around 1970, the scrappy, slappy swing has been the model.  And now, just because of some neat machines that give us launch angle data, the new school hitting coaches are trying to sell you the notion that they've figured something out.  That their swing model is different and it will give you the power you're looking for.  But all they are saying is that you should swing up more.  This isn't the answer folks. They haven't figured anything out.

It's time for a swing revolution in baseball.  We must go to a front arm dominant swing as soon as possible.  For more, check out my Front Arm Dominant eBook or my Swing Cheat Code physical book.  The time is now for a movement toward a front arm dominant swing.  There's work to be done.

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