The Swing Mechanic Podcast #12 - The Small Circle

Article I refer to in this podcast:

I'm Jaime Cevallos, author of Positional Hitting, Swing Cheat Code, and Front Arm Dominant.  My mission is to start a much needed revolution in the baseball swing industry, which has been broken for a long time.  

In this podcast, I talk about the current state of baseball swing mechanics and how they are taught, and I also talk about often heard phrases, "big circle" and "little circle."

Most hitters have heard these terms while standing around the batting cages.  I never refer to it as such, but it is touching on an important aspect of the swing.  When the little circle occurs in the swing is one way to describe the difference between a great swing and an average swing.  

If the little circle happens close to contact, then you will struggle more at the plate.  If the little circle happens early and "behind you," then you will have decreased the amount of obstacles working against you in hitting, and are therefore will be more likely to hit for power and consistency.

Grab your bat and take a listen!  When you're done, check out my book Front Arm Dominant.  The Swing Revolution full swing!  (hands in the air)  Here we goooooooooooo!

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