Max Sullivan Swing Analysis


On September 8th, 2020, the championship rounds were held for the Xpert Summit Hitting Debate. 

You can find the debate here -

I mention a few mistakes made by the two swing coaches, mistakes that are indicative of mistakes that have been made since swing instruction began in the 70s.  It's not that Casey Smith and Patrick Jones are flawed in their approach.  It's that the entire paradigm under which baseball swing instruction has existed is flawed.  It's time that we try to look at the swing in a completely different way.

It really is time for a change in how we see the swing. There are small simple changes that can yield huge results, but instead swing coaches are focusing on things that just don't move the needle in terms of hitting performance.

My intent is not to criticize for the purpose of trying to make these coaches look bad.  It's to show people that there are much more efficient ways to approach analyzing and training your baseball swing.  We need to completely scrap certain ways of doing things.  

I know it's common for people to get sentimental when I say that.  The idea that we could have been so completely off in our beliefs about the swing can be disheartening, and people want to hold on to them.  But we simply have to completely scrap some notions when it comes to the baseball swing.  They aren't working for us, and in many cases the exact opposite is what is needed.

Another flaw in Casey Smith's understanding of the swing, which I didn't mention in this video (I don't believe), is that he teaches that the shoulders should stop as the front foot lands.  This is precisely the kind of teaching that leads to clunky, machine like swings in kids.  As I say in this video, I don't believe in teaching big muscle movements in the swing.  We instinctively know how to move our big muscles to provide the most amount of power, and any and all changes to your swing should always focus on the upper, smaller muscles, and simply allow the big muscles underneath to support that movement.  


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