The Front Arm Only Drill and the FAD Training Bat

The Front Arm Only Drill and the FAD Training Bat

The Front Arm Dominant Training Bat can improve your baseball swing mechanics very quickly.  The muscles in your front shoulder, arm, and upper back must control the swing.  Bascially, to be a great hitter who hits with power and consistency, your baseball swing must be front arm dominant.  WHEN THESE MUSCLES CONTROL THE SWING, THE BAT MOVES THROUGH THE ZONE IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT MANNER THAN WHEN THE MUSCLES IN YOUR BACK ARM CONTROL THE SWING.  

For all of you who read my newest book, Swing Cheat Code 2 Baseball Edition, you now know that the secret to a great swing is to make your front arm the dominant arm in the swing.  In SCC2 I cover all this in detail - the look of a great swing, why it looks that way, and how making your swing front arm dominant is the simple change to make to have a great swing immediately.

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