The Difference Between A Great Swing And The Best And Baseball's Best Swings of All Time

Many people have advised that I shorten my videos.  But if you don't want to sit through a 15, 20, 25 minute video because it bores you, then you're probably not someone I'm trying to reach.  It took me more than twenty years to figure this stuff out.  To me, it's fun.  If I had a video like this when I played, I'm absolutely positive my career would have turned out differently.  

In this video, I basically rant about a few different topics but the most important that I cover are: the list of the greatest swings of all time, how to analyze the positions of the swing, the difference between a great swing and the best swing, how today's hitters are underachieving due to less than ideal swing mechanics, and more.  

By the time we get out of this quarantined state, the swing revolution, I hope, will be underway.  We've gone long enough with subpar swing mechanics instruction.  Still, to this day, online hitting coaches are teaching absolute BS - things that literally will NOT move the needle in your hitting performance.  They tell you drills that are novel, but useless.  They show you training aids that are creative, but do absolutely nothing.  In a nutshell, they are interested in making a living.  And they have never been truly curious about the swing and aren't really interested in making you better.  

Enough is enough.  

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