Quarantine Q and A Episode #1

Quarantine Q and A Episode #1

Although this is a hard time for everyone, it also (obviously) provides an opportunity.  For you, the hitter, the absolute best thing you can do is emerge from this with a front arm dominant swing.  We are past due for a swing revolution.  The information out there is extremely complex, hard to understand, and comes from tormented hitting coaches, whose content accomplishes little more than making them feel like they are smart and knowledgeable.  Nobody is actually improving from their content.  This is a perfect example.  This guy is considered a thought leader in baseball swing mechanics.  

When I was on my hiatus from teaching for ten years, in my quest to fully figure out the swing, I would hear about these guys but had no idea what they were saying.  I didn't care.  I was focused on my own task.  Now that I've emerged and am ready to show everyone what I've discovered, I'm looking at what these guys are saying and I'm amazed.  I can't believe how unbelievable off track they are.  They are knee deep in gadgets and numbers and they are miles away from any concepts that are actually going to help anyone.

The biggest opportunity right now is for you to come out of this quarantine a front arm dominant hitter.  Stop listening to the nonsense coming from the popular hitting coaches out there.  They are busy trying to understand the swing, and charging you while they do so.  That's why they always say something like, "I'm continuously learning and willing to change my beliefs."  This is them trying to get points for not having done their homework.  How about they stay away from the limelight until they have it figured out?  That's what I did.  But they are too impatient, and in the long run I know they will pay for that.

I would really like to start answering your questions.  I'm getting some great questions from my readers and subscribers lately and now I will be devoted to answering them.  Thank you all for your support.  Please share my content with a close friend.  It's time for the front arm dominant swing revolution to begin.

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