My Analysis of Charlie Lau Jr.'s Baseball Swing Philosophy

My Analysis of Charlie Lau Jr.'s Baseball Swing Philosophy

The only way we are going to figure out the best theories of the baseball swing is if hitters have a clear understanding of exactly what it is that other hitting coaches advocate when it comes to swing mechanics.  And it can ALWAYS be boiled down to a basic concept.  All these baseball hitting coaches, while they may have a thousand drills and a thousand tips, their theories always come down to a single overarching concept.  

There's a very good reason why this is so, and it's this: the swing is only a second long.  For god sakes, there's only room in there for one basic concept.  Make sense?  The movement is just too short to evade the need of a single core belief when it comes to the baseball swing.

For Charlie Lau Jr., his core belief is that you should have a swing action in which you avoid "pulling open" the shoulders too early and where you take your hands directly toward the ball and then directly toward the pitcher through contact.  

I've said it many times - it amazes me that most of what these hitting coaches teach will actually make players worse.  Charlie Lau's theories, like his fathers, will certainly make a good hitter worse.  In this video, I show you two such examples.

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