My Analysis of Bobby Tewksbary's Baseball Swing Philosophy

Don't you think it's time that us "Swing Gurus" lay our swing philosophies out on the table so we can finally figure out what works?  You could follow these guys for years and still not know exactly what they think about the swing.  They're vague for a reason.  Their career depends on it. 

If they aren't going to lay their swing philosophies, then I will.  I'm going to start explaining in detail what these guys believe about the swing and compare it to what I believe.  I want to show you that I'm not like any of these guys.  I'm in a league all by myself.  What I have discovered about the swing will make a revolution - the revolution all these new-school-money-ball-seeking-hitting-coaches are looking for. 

The cream will rise to the top.  I'm confident that the amount of work I've put into the swing is far more than any of these other guys.  For you, that means you can be ahead of the revolution.  Start working the front arm dominant swing now, before the masses do, and you will experience a huge competitive advantage in the next few years.

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