My 4 Minute Video on the Secret to the Baseball Swing

My 4 Minute Video on the Secret to the Baseball Swing

All of the other hitting coaches need three hours to explain their theories on the swing.  I need just 4 minutes.  I know it's popular to say that there is no secret to the swing, and that everybody is different, and so on, and so on.  These are just excuses made by swing coaches who haven't figured out the swing.  

In the above video, I explain the simple secret to the baseball swing, and it's this - make your swing front arm dominant.  It is the one and only difference of the great hitters from everyone else.  Have you ever seen Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Ken Griffey, and Mike Trout swing?   Notice something?  Their swings don't look like the others do they?  There is something different going on.  And it's not the minor changes in foot positioning, or hip positioning, or pronation or supination, or all that confusing nonsense that the other swing coaches spew.  It's something much more simple than that.  It's one small change that allows everything else to fall into place automatically.  

You see, by nature we swing with a back arm dominant approach.  Somehow the best hitters learned to be front arm dominant from a young age and this helped them rise above everyone else.  Now, armed with the secret - the front arm dominant approach - you can raise the power and consistency in your baseball swing immediately.  Try it today for yourself.  Let me know how it goes.

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