Analysis of Jake Epstein's Swing Philosophy


I'm Jaime Cevallos - "The Swing Mechanic."  I am the background swing coach to some of the best turnarounds by a hitter in major league baseball.  Here I am again analyzing the swing philosophy of a popular hitting guru.  This is something I intend to continue doing until I've covered most of them.  I don't do it to embarrass any hitting gurus out there.  My mission is, more importantly, to inform the public, who is simply interested in hitting more home runs (not a crime by any means), of what theories are out there. 

Why is this important?  Because then we can figure out once and for all who has the best theories.  I'm confident that the front arm dominant swing is the simplest and quickest possible method to start hitting with optimal power and consistency.  And the coming swing revolution will be a result of the FAD swing.

Despite all the swing coaches out there saying that the best way to swing is relative - that it varies depending on the person - it's just not true.  There is a best way to swing.  Watch the video and listen close.  Pay attention to the difference in what I'm saying about the swing and what Jake Epstein (and everyone else for that matter) is saying.  My approach, I am confident, is the future of baseball swing mechanics and provides a major opportunity for you right now, because a majority of people still don't know about it.

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