The Orbital Structure of the Swing

The Orbital Structure of the Swing

As all of you know, I was obsessed with figuring out the swing for more than 20 years.  In looking so deeply into a single, small movement, I was given insight into many deeper and more meaningful areas of life along the way.  Like little gifts that kept me going, despite oftentimes losing faith that I would ever figure out the swing.

On such gift was the realization that the world is stuctured orbitally.  This is obvious when looking up at the night sky.  But orbits don't just govern the stars and galaxies.  Orbits are also the structure of the invisible elements of our lives.  Terence Mckenna, the late great philosopher, said that the world is made of language.  Another way to say this is that the world is made of story, because language builds stories.  And stories always have small moments of time within them that are of great import.

If you look at your own life, you will find that the most important events - the ones that shaped your life the most - weren't months or even years long.  They were single moments - maybe a decision you made, maybe a look you gave, something you said, somewhere you went, that made all the difference.  

This applies to extremely long periods of time too, like the evolution of species.  In 1972, Niles Eldridge and Stephen Gould published their groundbreaking paper which showed that species don't evolve steadily and slowly.  Instead, there are long periods of time in which there is little to no change, called "stasis", punctuated with brief periods of time in which the species undergoes rapid change and becomes a new species, called cladogenesis.  

The orbital structure of life doesn't just apply to time.  It also applies to space.  Look at the way many foods are structured.  Eggs and fruits, for example, have their most dense and meaningful parts, the yolk and the seeds, in the center.  Or look at our most important mathematical equation - E=MC2 .  You would think that such an important equation, that describes the structure of the universe would be huge.  But it's orbital.  Our most important and impactful results come from very small things.

The baseball and golf swings are also structured orbitally.  There is a single moment in which you either head down the path of an average swing, or you head down the path of a great swing.  That moment is the very start of the forward swing or downswing.  If you do it wrong, there is no way to correct.  If you do it right, there is very little you can do to screw it up.

Knowing that the world is structured orbitally gives you a roadmap.  You can start to notice the orbital moments or the orbitally structured systems operating in your life, and this will help you to navigate your way through them better.  Put more of your focus on the area of great density and the rest will fall into place seamlessly.

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